Monday, July 30, 2007

One BIG Start and 3 BIG finishes.

BIG START :- On this day 1954 - Elvis Presley made his professional debut as opening act for Slim Whitman. (Did you know that July -August are the biggest months for Elvis sightings since his death)
BIG FINISHES :- On this day 1968 - The Beatles closed their Apple Boutique on Baker Street, London UK, and gave away the contents.
1948 - UK bread rationing ended at 12 midnight (All food rationing ended in Britain on July 3 1954)
1974- Last day of presentation of the three articles of impeachment adopted by Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives against President Nixon

Okay, so I have a brain full of garbage....

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Did you know?

That today 29 July 1588 Sir Francis Drake looked up from a game of bowls to see the Spanish Armada in the English Channel and declared that he had enough time to finish the game before defeating the Spanish....
Also today in history poor tortured Van Gogh shot himself...

The Moon Swallowers is coming along in leaps and bounds after the Muskoka Novel Marathon up to page 180 now.
Gorgeous gorgeous day here so out on back deck making the most of it.. have great day.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fact or Fallacy TT ###???

  1. The Human Body is completely renewed every 7 years. - fallacy while the body is always changing each part changes at a different pace, and the entire body doesn't change completely.
  2. Humans only have 5 senses - Fact now a fallacy - sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing are now part of the the basic list that is being expanded to include, balance, pain, hunger, thirst, temperature - all things we have no control over that contribute to our experience of our surroundings.
  3. Contortionists are doubled jointed - Fallacy - they have very loose ligaments and work hard to make then stretch to perform the way they want.
  4. On the side of you head are your ears - Fallacy they are called 'pinnas'. The ear is an internal organ made up of inner, middle and outer ear.- Pinnas are cartilage and do nothing if they were to enhance sound they would have to be a s big as the palm of your hand.
  5. The bosom is the female breast. - Fallacy - it refers to the breast, chest area of man woman or child. (it's use is oldfashioned)
  6. All babies are born with blue eyes. - Only Caucuasian babies because not much melanin pigment has accumulated giving the appearance of blue eyes, this increases over the first three months of life and the eye color changes. All colors are based on the same pigment and differ due to the number of pigment cells and how they refract light. Dark-skinned babies usually have dark eyes.
  7. Twins cannot have two different fathers. -Fallacy - 1996 a set of twins was born in England one light skinned the other dark and they were conceived many days apart. Several other cases have been reported and fraternal (two-egg) twins with different fathers. the interval between conception has amounted to as much as four weeks.
  8. Breathing through the skin is vital for life - Fallacy - we only breath 1% of our air through our skin, if you were to be covered in gold paint from head to foot - aka 1994's Gold finger you would develop a fever as the body wouldn't be able to cool itself because it wouldn't be able to sweat.
  9. Hair grays with age. - fallacy - there is no such thing as gray hair. It has a gray appearance due to it's lack of color pigment and reflection of light.
  10. After death nails and hair continue to grow. - Fallacy - when your dead, you are dead As moisture leaves the body, the body shrinks making nails and face stubble appear.
  11. A person's hair can turn white overnight - Fallacy - to do so it would have to contain nerves. Only newly grown hair can turn white.
  12. Yawning increases flow of oxygen to the brain - Fallacy - if anything it makes a person take in less.
  13. Charles Darwin (1809-1882) proposed the Theory of Evolution - Fallacy - He preferred to describe his theory as "descent with modification" of "natural selection". Victorians however liked to think of humans having a more orderly progression of development and over time it became known as The Theory of Evolution.
(Taken and adapted from: '1,000 Common Delusions and the real facts behind them - Christa Poppelmann, Firefly books, 2006)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Boggle Brain

Having spent 72 hours writing in the Muskoka Novel Marathon you would have thought I would be ready to sleep the next few days away... Wrong! Brain in overdrive, system coming down off caffeine overload, shoulders in spasm, and eyeballs resting on my keyboard I'm finding it hard to shut down. That is why I'm posting this at 3:15 am.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday 13 #????

Okay so I've been slack! Here goes.
Thirteen things that happened on this day
  1. 1848 - Seneca Falls, Finger Lakes NY state - 250 women and 40 men met under the leadership of ELizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott to discuss women's grievances including the right for women to vote in the USA (women could stand for election since 1788)
  2. 1374 - Italian Poet Petrarch dies near Padua- famed for his poem To Laura. Said to be the scholar who paved the way for the Renaissance.
  3. 1799 - The Rosetta Stone was found by the French in Egypt. (takes its name from the harbor in which it was found)
  4. 1834 - French painter and sculptor Edgar Degas was born.
  5. 1870 - Napoleon III declares war to start the Franco-Prussian War (lasted into 1871)
  6. 1930 - Maurice Garin wins the first Tour De France
  7. 1817 - Readers of Jane Austen begin to mourn her death (the day before)
  8. 1861 - Confederate troops look about to secure victory at Bull Run dashing Federal hopes of an easy victory.
  9. 1942 - RAF continues it daylight raids on the Ruhr
  10. 1944 - Von Staffenberg makes bomb for 'Valkyrie' conspiracy, set for the following day to assasinate Hitler
  11. 1944 - The rumors begin about bread rationing in Britain ( goes into effect 22 July)
  12. 1954 - The second day of the Four-Power COnference in Geneva (Eisenhower, Eden, Faure, Bulganin) the first meeting of heads of power since Potsdam 1945)
  13. AD 64 - Nero watches Rome burn and orders his troops to fire on the city. He did not fiddle as it burned but watched from the Tower of Maecenas then put on an actors costume and sang his own composition 'The Sack of Ilium'.
(Thanks to W.B. Marsh & Bruce Carrick - Great stories from History 365 for everyday of the year, Pears Encyclopedia, 1977-1978, and my High School History teachers)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm getting ready to head up to Huntsville to participate in their Muskoka Novel Writathon fundraiser for Literacy- goes for three days and writing non stop... It is part of the Muskoka Arts Fringe Festival.
I had the fortune to meet JR Ward over conference and have since being 'devouring', pardon the pun, her Black Dagger Brotherhood books... wow I love them! Anyone else a fan?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Back Home

Arrived back home last night and full of energy to write write write! Going to something like the Nationals does that to you. At the last Luncheon we were sitting at a table with two VERY new members (of two weeks) they were practically bouncing out of their skins with enthusiasm... so refreshing. Next year it is in San Fransisco and looks to be a biggie with most I spoke to planning to go so Book Early!
Now I must stop procrastinating and get words on ??? screen? Have a great day

Saturday, July 14, 2007

View of Dallas from top of Reunion Tower

Me and Lisa Jackson - luncheon speaker

View of the gathering for the Rita Awards

Sadly Kim, Maureen and Anne didn't get the Golden Heart, but they're winners just the same. Kim Howe has done well with Daphne DuMaurier 'Run Silent' winning first place in category and first place in mainstream with One Shot, Two Kills. That's it from RWA Nationals 2007 in Dallas. See y'all in San Fransisco next year.
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Dallas Report #4

Today it rained... not that it mattered as we were work-shopping from 8:30 - 8:30.... So I now know what temperature a body is incinerated at, that I'm not only a pantser but have a bit of linear, plotter and puzzler thrown in. I heard about the differences between the Luna, Nocturne and Mira Lines and what they are looking for . I know how to embalm a body and that two sentences pitches have to catch the attention with a catchy word and get the core of the story across without too much detail. People have finally stopped talking to themselves but now editors and agents are looking cross-eyed and frazzled and will just about say send it to me to anything. Suzanne Brockmann's workshop was packed to the rafters and hilarious. That the hotel can empty out quickly when the alarms go off after midnight - even if it is a false alarm.
Not bad for 24 hours..... Rita and GH Awards tomorrow. Good Luck TRW Nominees.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dallas RWA REPOR T # 3

Authors Literacy - 450 RWA Authors and over 5000 fans... a circus but fun. The queues started forming at 3 in the afternoon. J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Suzanne Brockmann having huge lines of fans and of course Nora Roberts.
As one of the supervisors of the event I was fortunate to meet many of our celebrated members and deal with the frustrations of lost books etc... Sadly too many this year... Note to self---- if EVER I get published and attend bring 6 of my own copies.

Sherrilyn K... yes that is a black swan on her head (duck as she called it.)

Next morning and breakfast with a group from TRW only thought to take photo when most had gone, Kelly Armstrong among them. Here I am with first time published TRW Member from Owens Sound - Kaenar Langord. (Elloras Cave)

Two of TRW CelebrityAuthors ... Eve Silver and Michelle Rowan caught between workshops in the lobby.
Yesterday was full and busy on my part as I am a volunteer for the Author's Literacy overseen by Angi Platt with me In charge of Author Liason and Books. I'm the one that supervises checking of books from publishing houses and getting them to the authors for signing. So I get complained to, sobbed over and ranted at when their books don't arrive. The authors were great this year even with many missing books. My heart went out to the first time authors and those who had come from overseas to find they had nothing to sign. I collapsed into bed at midnight up at 6 for TRW breakfast... this conference is no holiday.
Before I attended the PRO Retreat I looked in Robin D.Owens - Kill your inner critic workshop - it was based on Artists Way - Morning pages- it was very good.
Went to PRO Retreat - Editor Ellen Edwards NAL gave a great presentation of the life of a book from query letter to book shelf. She was followed by multi-published Author Jane Porter who gave a witty and concise presentation - the best yet. Had to take a break as my credit card and wallet was stolen. Luckily I got the wallet and card back but no moolah - c'est le vie. Card already canceled so no harm done just the annoyance of it all.
Back tomorrow with more from today...
PS: Isn't it sad to note that Kathleen E. Woodwiss passed away on Saturday. My sister gave me Ashes in the Wind one Christmas and I was hooked from then on.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dallas Day two

People come from all over to attend! (Oops Long horn stare from a long horn steer)

OUr hotel

Elm St and building where JFK met his fate

Me with Author Jackie Ivie ( Knights Lady and others)

Me with two of TRWs GH FInalists - Anne Perry and Maureen McGowan

No hot gossip yet- unless you count that the Dixie Chicks have not been played on any radio station in Texas since thier faux pas, but certainly lots of complaints about the lack of other eating places and sightseeing/things to do around the hotel.
Dragged my poor roommate Deb, all over the city yesterday in the heat. Took in the Sixth Floor Museum where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK, then down to the Pioneer Park to view the Bronze cattle men and horses. Did you know that Neiman Marcus has its original store here, her one consolation is that she found Ben & Jerry icecream on a stick is cheap here!!!!
Registered... there are still places if anyone wants to come. Our book bags are black and Lime green and this year contained a much more manageable number of books Brushed shoulders with Nora Roberts, spoke with author friend Jackie Ivie, caught up with TRW GH finalists and then went to Bill Bates Ranch.... a bit of a fizzer as it poured with rain but lots of laughs, singing cowboy and a hayride on soggy hay in the dark.
AM involved in Authors Literacy today I'm one of the supervisors... more tomorrow Have a good one.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day One in Dallas

Hi Y'all
Well finally arrived after a 2 1/4 hr delay in TO because of thunderstorms state side then in TO. Was met at the airport by delightful Angi Platt who is co-ordinator for Authors Literacy and she took me to some restaurant BIG RESTAURANT- that had War in the title and had my first taste of deep fried pickles.... let me tell you they are delicious. If I eat all the HUMUNGOUS servings I'll go home with more than books as excess baggage.
Arrived at hotel to find it quiet as yet though some small groups gathered at the bar giggling into their drinks and sharing arrival stories no doubt. There is a fashion convention on ( rumors of Mary Kaye are yet to be substantiated... will take photos of lobby activity today and post them tomorrow and any celebs I'll try to whip out my camera for a quick pic.
Deb arrived with less hassle and we are about to hit the gym Ha ha...... maybe tomorrow or the next day.
The view is from leaning over the balcony outside our tenth floor room looking down on the lobby area and the largest inlaid floor star in Texas.
Till next time

Monday, July 9, 2007

Off to Dallas

I've been busy getting ready for the RWA National Conference in Dallas and coping with my Mum who took a tumble and broke her arm. Good clean break and it is healing well but mentally the whole thing has shaken her. I don't want her to lose her confidence in walking again, nor do I want her to fall into clinical depression. She wont watch telly, read books, and resists exercising and wont go to the dining room for her meals, insisting they bring them to her on a tray -must be a lovely patient - not. At least we got a phone on in her room so she can ring people and we can ring her. So it is taking a great deal of telephone time and diplomacy balancing what is good for her, supporting the medical staff and my sister who is dealing with the brunt of her moods, as well as trying to cheer her out of her - woe-is-me, 'I wish you were closer' (she lives in New Zealand), and the clincher "I'm all right, don't you worry about me!". She's not alone, for as well as my sister, my son and his girlfriend live close by and pop in regularly - but she is my mother and is nearly 86. She is in care so every possible thing she could want is taken care of, but it is still a wrench even though I 'm aware that she is great at triggering 'guilt trips'. OMG, will I be like that one day? Scary thought.

I will be posting for the rest of this week from Dallas and will fill you in with snippets from my experience, workshops I've attended and the 'goss' on who I see and of course the latest - "RUMOURS". I'll try to post photos when I can. If you have a question fire away and I will try to find the answer.
Have a successful week and look in and say hi.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Honeymoon Period

That's what I'm calling it with Collab #1 , as we are striking sparks of each other and going great guns. Research reading and writing, full of ideas... I never realized it could be so much fun... but it is early days and I expect to hit a wall. I have taken note of everyones comments and when we next meet face to face we will go over them... everything out in the open. The other collaboration (C#2) is slower to start and is in a totally different area so there is no conflict of interest. I'm looking forward to the different dynamics - it makes interesting challenges. If you think of something I/we should watch out for or be aware of please let me know. Thanks

For those who asked, my solo writing seems to have slowed considerably, my current two major wip's follow on from two ms at present with publishers and I would like to know how they are being received before I progress.... fingers crossed. The waiting is driving me nuts. (6 months with two correspondence exchanges for one (Paranormal) and 3 months for the other (Category))

Monday, July 2, 2007


Isn't it odd how things tend to happen all at once. Within the space of three days I have been asked to co-write two books. Both are writers whose work I have read and liked their style and like me are as yet, unpublished. Never having done this before I wonder if any of you out there have hints, suggestions or advice on what to watch out for and some of the pitfalls.