Sunday, November 18, 2007

East- West Home is best.

It has been over four weeks since I left for Europe and a combination business and pleasure trip. While we had a great time and the sights we have seen have blown my mind away, it is good to be home again...
I can't believe how productive everyone has been. What with Nanowrimo, and publishing successes - I've only written postcards and with Christmas around the corner I guess the next thing I write will be my yearly revenge-- the annual Christmas letter and cards. I wasn't going to send many but it is nice to receive one in the mail so decided to boost the annual earnings of Canadian Storage,... oops make that Post.
Drop a line if you have a mo.
Cheers Robyn

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - 13 takes on Fall

They say English is hard to grasp for those for whom it is not their mother tongue... take the word 'fall' appropriate for this Autumnal season and you will understand why...

Fall for - be captivated or deceived by
Fall about - be helpless - usually with mirth
Fall out - quarrel; leave ranks; airborne radioactive substance from nuclear explosion
Fall through - fail to obtain or reach a goal; unplanned descent
Fall down - not stay upright, collapse
Fall Guy - easy victim, scapegoat
Fall on - fail; assault; come across hard times; get lucky; kill oneself
Fall in - take place in line; collaborate with others; begin a conversation;lapse or revert; a specified state
Fall foul of - come into collision with; quarrel with
Fall off the wagon - take up a bad habit/vice once again
Fall short - be shortof, or not have sufficient; not reach intended target/market/goal
Fall from grace - lose favor or popular status; act in a way that loses respect of others
Fall behind - lag, tarry to the rear; slip backwards; or... the expansion of the gluteous maximus from too much sitting around after Thanksgiving.....

Happy TT